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Unisub – from bare to brilliant

Unisub sublimation products

with photo art by Martin Jelovšek. 

Martin and Teesky partnered up in making a special collection of photographs on

  • t-shirts with inspirational verses by Metaverz
  • high quality photo panels by Chromaluxe that you can use as office decor or to make your home more vibrant
  • other products, such as keyring, puzzles, mugs and cotton bags that you can use as private or corporate gifts.
sublimacijsko potiskan obesek


is a colourful and durable print, that you can apply to special sublimation blank products.

From keyrings to photo panels all products from Chromaluxe and Unisub are durable, resistant and prepared to be printed with vibrant and life like designs.

sublimacijski izdelki Martin

Sublimated phodo panels, puzzles, keyrings, magnets and coasters now available at Garderoba.

Are you a printer yourself? You can order your sublimation blanks from Chromaluxe and Unisub  here.

Sublimation puzzles

are a nice idea for special occasions. The print is very life like, suitable for photos and other designs.

sublimacijsko potiskana sestavljanka

Sublimation Unisub are made of wood and you can use them for personalised gifts, such as wedding gifts and other special occasions. Also available with cotton bags with printed puzzle design.

bombažna vrečka za sestavljanke

Photo panels

are sublimable products of highest qyality. Gajcom can print photo panels up to A3+, this is the size you can use also for small galleries and other shows.

Photo panels Chromaluxe come from USA. These special panels guarantee you a great print:

  • high quality sublimation, also for photo quality
  • durable print (tests confirm 50 years indoors without change)
  • surface is scratch resistsant and you can clean it with most cleaning solutions … You can use Chromaluxe products also for kids rooms.
foto panel martin

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